Website and Brochure Copy

Help-U-Write is happy to help you with the text for your website or brochure.  We’re sorry, but at the moment we don’t do artwork, but we can make suggestions for photographs or pictures you might use. In fact, if you select the digital photos or clip art you like, we’ll insert them in the text and copy it to your thumb drive so you can take it straight to Office Max, Staples or Kinko’s.

Our writing process can work several ways.  If you already have a draft of what you want to be included on the website or brochure, we’ll work with that.  We can also compile information from several sources.  If you aren’t sure exactly what you want to say, then we usually invite you to come in and talk into our tape recorder for awhile.  We’ll ask you questions about your business or product and translate your answers into the copy.

Either way, it usually takes a time or two before we’ve found the perfect words to match your vision.  That’s just part of the process. By seeing it in print, suddenly you know what you want and what you don’t want.

Website and brochure copy is billed by the hour.  We work very quickly, so don’t be too concerned. If you’re interested in a more exact quote, email us at and please put either “Website Copy” or “Brochure” in the subject line.

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