Editing by Carolyne Ruck is like receiving guidance from a very wise, loving godmother. In the drafting stages of my Cultivate Contentment book, Carolyne’s feedback helped me see what text needed to be thinned or fleshed out and what parts needed more examples or were repetitious and unnecessary.

She is an astute reader who masterfully tells you her opinion of what works and what doesn’t. Each time she commented on my text, Carolyne was 100% right on. And I can re-read the book now and smile at the places I see Carolyne’s contributions. I would not publish my next book without hiring Dr. Ruck to be my trusted editor.


I whole-heartedly recommend the editing services offered by Dr. Carolyne Ruck of Help-U-Write.
Carolyne’s expert eye helped to make my non-fiction personal narrative a success. She went beyond the basics of spelling, grammar, and punctuation and really helped me to tighten up and improve the flow of my story without losing my own voice.

Carolyne paid attention to the structure and substance of my story, pointing out both its strengths and weaknesses and offering specific suggestions for improvement. If you are considering a self-publishing project, don’t go to print before consulting Carolyne.

Claire M. Perkins

Author of The Deep Water Leaf Society: Harnessing the Transformative Power of Grief