Writing Playshops

Carolyne teaches a variety of “Writing Playshops” for groups of three or more people.

These are designed for those who have always wanted to write a book, but who aren’t too sure where to begin, for those who know what they want to write but aren’t sure what format to use or how to make it appealing, or those who have a book almost written and want to ensure it is “rock star quality.”

The title, “Writing Playshops” is Carolyne’s way of saying that writing should be fun.

Too often, when people sit down to write, they are intimidated by unpleasant memories of English classes which come back to haunt them with the expectation that it must be “perfect.” Such might be the purpose of a writing “WORKshop” too – but a PLAYshop is designed to learn by having fun. A PLAYshop can release you from those old school blues and get your writing imagination revved up again. Even if you got straight A’s in English, you’ll enjoy the Writing Playshops. And if you weren’t an “A” student before, a Writing Playshop is your opportunity to shine.

Here’s a brief sample of the types of Writing Playshops Carolyne offers:

  1. Digging for Buried Treasure: Uncovering Your Wealth of Writing Ideas
  2. Scavenger Hunt: Looking for Plots in Unlikely Places
  3. SensesationalDescription: Using the Six Senses to Spice Up Your Writing
  4. You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover: What to Know About Designing Your Book Inside and Out.

If a Writing PLAYshop sounds like a great experience for you and your friends, gather together at least two other people and contact Carolyne to schedule a date, time and place.